The EACim Core values and charter

This charter is intended for all speakers who communicate on behalf of EACim or use the EACim logo in their communications. It specifies the rules for communication using the EACim logo.

The purpose of this charter is to ensure that EACim’s values are respected, and in particular that there are no conflicts of interest with partners who support EACim’s mission.

Two situations can be defined:

  • the speaker is invited to speak at an event organized by EACim
  • the speaker communicates at an event organized by a partner or another organization and uses the EACim logo

1. The speaker is invited to speak at an event organized by EACim

EACim upholds the values of neutrality and the absence of conflicts of interest with regard to partners who may contribute to its funding.

EACim’s main mission is to promote and teach zirconia implantology, not any particular system.

Consequently, and in particular at conferences organized by EACim, presentations must comply with the following criteria:

  • Don’t promote just one system: be eclectic,
  • Compare different clinical solutions for scientific and educational purposes,
  • No apology for ceramic versus titanium implantology,
  • Contribute to the evolution of the practice of ceramic implantology,
  • Clinical arguments must be based on scientific literature,
  • The speaker does not promote other academies, commercial companies or other personal educational organizations,
  • The speaker agrees not to modify the clinical results by using computer technology to enhance the images presented,
  • The speaker undertakes in all circumstances to respect the rules of the code of ethics.

2. The speaker uses the EACim logo in a communication organized by a commercial partner

In this context, the rules of communication are less strict, but the speaker must respect certain values dear to the EACim.

  • Do not modify the logo’s graphic charter,
  • Don’t criticize other implant systems,
  • Be critical and constructive about the system presented. Avoid a blindly partisan approach,
  • The speaker must avoid any conflict of interest: he or she may be compensated for his or her accommodation, travel and meal expenses, but must not accept a sum of money or any other form of remuneration from the partner for communicating directly,
  • The speaker may be remunerated by the communication audience for the teaching he provides,
  • The speaker should take a moment to talk about EACim, its mission, actions and current events.