Fabrice BAUDOT, founding member of EACimDr Fabrice BAUDOT – France

  • International speaker and author of many publications
  • Exclusive practice of laser micro-surgery
  • Therapeutic approach based on mini-invasive surgery
  • Practitioner of ceramic implantology since 2013


“Behaviour of Zirconia ceramic in contact with soft tissues: biological and aesthetic outcome” – 2019 EACim congress

Lecture Abstract :

The fight against peri-implantitis is now becoming a major concern for implantology.

The microbial etiology of this pathology seems to be unanimously accepted and from this point of view, the interface of the implant with the soft tissues seems to be of crucial importance in the prevention of this scourge.

Our experience, supported by the publication of recent studies on immune reactions to titanium, leads us to believe that zirconia implant necks can be one of the keys to the fight against peri-implantitis.