Prof. Marcel Wainwright (Germany)

Graduated in Aachen (Germany) 1994, Doctor´s degree 1996. 1996-2015 Private Practices in Germany. 2015-2017 Director of Mirala Clinic, Holistic and biological dentistry in Stockholm-Sweden.

Since 2018 Dentist Oral Surgeon in Zürich (Switzerland) and Düsseldorf (Germany).

CEO of Kingsmen Group, Developer of own dental care line based on Hyaluronic Acid. Since 2009 Professor for Ultrasonic Surgery and Implantology at State University of Seville (Spain).

Certified Implantologist (DGI), German President of DIFNE (Dental International Filler and Neurotoxin Education), Member of DGZI, AAID, ICOI, DGZMK.

International Speaker for implantology, ultrasonic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, intraoral application for hyaluronic acid and dermal fillers and neurotoxins for esthetic rehab.

Co-inventor of the Intralift (ultrasonic minimal invasive crestal sinus lift) and numerous instruments.

Visiting professor of various universities (Mahidol Bangkok, University of Dalian China, Guangzhou China, Chapel Hill USA, KUL Leuven – Belgium). Author and Co-author of more than 60 publications and scientific papers and books, guest of numerous TV shows as a dental consultant



Lecture Abstract:

In his presentation the author describes his clinical experience with ceramic implants and his evolution within the last 10 years. Ceramic implants are today not only an alternative to titanium implants but the future in implantology. The demand of more and more patients for esthetic and functional implant rehabilitations based on ceramic implants is getting bigger and the industry and more and more colleagues have responded to that.

Predictable results that are even better than titanium implants are highlighted in his presentation as well the way to them. Minimal invasive surgery based on ultrasonic surgery, L-PRF and ceramic implants are mandatory for the author to achieve long lasting outcomes that prevail from trouble.

Thus, the author will show his mistakes and failures and how he was able to get over it. The presentation is based on latest scientific research and the author´s clinical experience.