Giancarlo BIANCA, founding member and president of EACimDr Giancarlo Bianca – France

  • Exclusive practice in periodontology and implantology in Marseille
  • Past President of the SFPIOSE
  • Professor at D.U.I. Corsica
  • Practitioner of ceramic implantology since 2006
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“Benefits of Zirconia ceramic in the prevention of peri-implantitis” – 2019 EACim congress

Lecture Abstract :

Titanium implants have undergone a tremendous technological evolution in recent years. However, the prevalence of peri-implantitis raises the question of the reliability of these long-term implant treatments.

New studies reveal the presence of bacteria coupled to metal particles in the tissue environment around a contaminated implant.

The properties of zirconia related to its safety and low bacterial retention, significantly reduce the risk of peri-implantitis.

In addition, its colour improves the aesthetic appearance of long-term restorations.


Benefits of Zirconia ceramic in the prevention of peri-implantitis        Benefits of Zirconia ceramic in the prevention of peri-implantitis