• In practice in Ulm since 1986
  • 1990 to the present, free-lance lecturing in prevention, practice management, media management and documentation for dentists and doctors.
  • Lectures and courses in implantology with live operations performed by myself
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (St. Elisabeth University Bratislava, Slovakia)
  • Master of Science, Oral Surgery (Danube University Krems Austria)
  • Certified specialism, implantology by DGI
  • Consultant to the DGI and DGOI
  • Author, particularly in the field of ceramics implantology
  • ITI Study Club Director
  • Trainer for holistic communication techniques
  • Qualification as quality auditor (German Accreditation Agency – Dakks)


“Are Zirconia ceramic implants indicated for all clinical cases?” – 2019 EACim congress

Lecture Abstract :

What does prevent an implantologist from placing a ceramic implant instead of a titanium implant?

Today we have heard a lot about the advantages of ceramic implants. For years we have therefore been trying to promote their development and use. If we then look at the figures that show the ratio of implants placed in clinical reality, we are surprised that hardly 1% of all implants placed are made of ceramic.

Probably this is the reason: It has not yet been sufficiently published that the standard indications for titanium implants can perfectly be realized with ceramic implants as well.

The aim of this lecture is to demonstrate the use of ceramic implants in various indications. These examples are intended to encourage the use of ceramic implants instead of titanium implants.