Pascal Eppe, founding member of EACimDr Pascal EPPE – Belgium

  • Practice focused exclusively on ceramic implantology
  • Passionate about Biocompatibility in Implantology
  • Graduated in micro-nutrition. Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Practitioner of ceramic implantology since 2009


“Biocompatibility of zirconia implants. Interest of the PEEK prosthesis on zirconia implants” – 2019 EACim congress

Lecture Abstract :

Why is biocompatibility so important in implantology ? On what criteria can we say that a medical device is biocompatible or not ? The notion of biocompatibility increasingly refers to the tolerance of the patient’s immune system. Can we say that zirconia implants are perfectly biocompatible? Is it possible to detect a material incompatibility in advance?

PEEK is a material with mechanical and biological properties that make it very attractive in implantology. It can be used as an abutment or as a prosthetic structure. What are the advantages of this new material? What precautions should be taken? What are the main indications and contraindications? Presentation of clinical cases.