Dr Saurabh Gupta (India)

BDS, MDS (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist)

Dr.Saurabh Gupta is graduated from Manipal University, India and holds Master’s Degree in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery from RGUHS, Bangalore, India.

He is also trained in multiple allied surgical disciplines including Implantology, Laser and Digital dentistry. Currently, he is working as Clinical Director, Digital Dental Design Clinic & DVG’s lab (3M Authorized), Bangalore.

He is also a visiting senior consultant at Aarogya Dental and Maxillofacial Center, Delhi.

He lectures nationally and internationally, he is Education Director/ Board Member of International Academy of Ceramic Implantology, which is the first academy in USA dedicated to metal free implantology.

He is an active member of ZIRG (Zirconia Implant Research Group), whose objectives are to lead and orient research in metal free implantology and support young and established clinicians in clinical and scientific research.

He is also serving the “Bioceramic Division” of “The American Ceramic Society”, Ohio, US. He is also involved in Research and Development projects at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.

He is also a fellow and ambassador for Cleanimplant Foundation(Germany), whose mission is to assess production quality and cleanliness of commercially available implant surface. He is also a board member of CBCT international magazine.

Apart from this, he is also part of MIDI Implantology group based in Spain and clinical specialist for COHO Biotechnology, Taiwan. At present, he is involved in lot of research studies on zirconia implant materials and digital dentistry.


Lecture Abstract:

Digital dentistry and zirconia implants are the buzzwords in modern dental science. In recent years, however, increasing patient demand for more natural aesthetics has seen ceramic materials like zirconia become a popular alternative. Also, dentistry is moving to the virtual world due to the growing technological advancement and affordability. Its usage in Implant dentistry is having a huge impact by making life better for practitioners as well as patients.

The aim of this presentation is to introduce the attendees to the zirconia implants and concept of total digital workflow interpreted as a protocol in which every new consideration about diagnosis, treatment plan, and development of zirconia implant treatment can be conducted by a digital resource.

From Cone beam CT to accurate guided surgery helped by intraoral scanners to digital 3D smile design and spectrophotometric teeth colour determination from making digital implant impressions to CAD designs and CAM productions by using 3d printers or millings machines ; today it is more likely to have 100% digital workflows in some of our daily treatments. This presentation will detail the possibilities and current limitations of these cutting edge technologies in implant dentistry.