Dr. Rouven Wagner (Germany)

2016 : Foundation of the practice clinic Hohenbuschei with Dr. Sandra Wagner
2013 – 2014 : Postgraduate study for Master of Science in Implantology and Oral Surgery
2013 : Doctorate (Dr. med. dent.) on the topic “Long-term results and late complications after zygomatic and orbital floor fractures”
2012 Qualification in radiation protection for digital volume tomography (DVT)
2009 : Study of dentistry completion and license to practice as a dentist
2008 : Sabbatical to participate to development support through the Dental Exchange Service (ZAD) on the Cook Islands
2004 – 2009 : Study of dentistry at the University of Leipzig


• Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde (DGZMK)
• Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sportzahnmedizin (DGSZM)
• Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie im Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferbereich (DGI)
• International Team for Implantology (ITI)
• European Society for Ceramic Implantology (ESCI)
• Akademie Praxis und Wissenschaft (APW)

“A complex, prosthetic restoration solution using the Camlog CERALOG implant system” – 2021 EACim congress

Lecture Abstract:

A 73-year-old patient needing a new prosthetic solution for his lower jaw, visited our clinic. The patient had been given removable dentures 15 years ago to replace missing side teeth. However, this provided insufficient support for these areas found within the lower jaw.
With the help of a new, gnathological analysis a restoration of the lower jaw was carried out, using Ceralog implants to fix the new ceramic dentures.

Excerpt from Dr Rouven Wagner’s lecture at EACim