Stéphanie GOUIRAN, founding member and treasurer of EACimDr Stéphanie GOUIRAN– France

  • 18 years of general practice
  • CFAO combined with ceramic implantology
  • Surgical approach based on phytotherapy
  • Practitioner of ceramic implantology since 2014


” CAD / CAM in ceramic implantology” – 2019 EACim congress

Lecture Abstract :

In the digital and high-tech era, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing is naturally taking a growing place in dental practices.

Another alternative implantology, that of ceramic implants, is also and naturally added to implant practice.

Wouldn’t these two approaches be compatible and complementary?

How does the digital flow, in the treatment of oral rehabilitations, become our most valuable ally from the planning to the prosthetic phase of ceramic implant equipment?