Zirconia : a real alternative to Titanium implants

To replace one or more missing teeth, the use of implantology is essential in modern dentistry.

For a biological approach, it is important to use biocompatible materials which respect the living body.

This is why, we have been using ceramic implants (zirconium dioxide) for years, with many advantages:

Benefits for patients

Benefits for practitioners

Zirconium oxide ceramics for dental use is a high-performance material with important advantages:

  • Better strength, depending on the manufacturing process.
  • The surface reaches a surface enlargement thanks to an increased micro / macro roughness and improves osseous integration. The survival rate, reached by the latest generation of ceramics, is comparable to that of conventional titanium implants.
  • Most ceramic implants can be ground in the mouth like a natural tooth. This technique simplifies the work and avoids the use of many specific instruments and parts.
  • Ceramic has a very low bacterial plaque deposition adherence, the main cause of gingival diseases ? such as periodontitis and peri-implantitis. Untreated periodontal disease may increase the risk of numerous diseases such as diabetes, pregnancy-related risks, osteoporosis or cardiovascular problems.
  • Ceramics offer the best guarantee for patients with allergies because Zirconia implants are neutral, non-reactive and metal-free.

Testimonials from practitioners

“I discovered ceramic implants more than 20 years ago at various conferences on the subject. In 2006, I met with dental practitioners who were placing Zirconia implants with protocols that allowed me to consider integrating them into my treatment plans. For 10 years now, the placement of prostheses on these implants has been a real pleasure, the gums are beautiful and impressions are child’s play! In the long term (10 years of hindsight) I have never seen a peri-implantitis and the gum seems to stick to the implant which does not retain the bacterial plaque. Several specialists say that zirconia is biocompatible and immuno-compatible, and I can see every day that this is a reality.”

Testimonial of Dr. Dr Catherine Rossi, Scientific Manager of NatureBio Dental sarl

“Following the placement of my first zirconia implants: I was really amazed by the cutting capacity of the ceramic drills and the primary stability of the implants! And what a pleasure to see an implant all white! ”

Testimonial of Dr. Stéphane Perrin, Exclusive practice in Periodontology and Implantology (Marseille)

“Titanium implants have always been refered to as the universal panacea for” lifetime “teeth. In reality, this is not really the case; problems occur even years after implant placement. To improve my results with implants, I first tried different systems but never with full satisfaction. Knowing Pascal Eppe for years and delighted by his results, I then switched to the zirconia implants … no regrets! Good integration, beautiful gums, patients are satisfied and demanding for it. I sincerely believe that zirconia is the implant of the future. ”

Testimonial of Dr Suzanne Duvigneaud, Stomatologist ou Oral surgeon (Belgium)

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