An experienced European Network of Ambassadors

The EACim Ambassadors

EACim Ambassadors represent the EACim in their countries with the mission to promote ceramic implantology and EACim events and activities. 
These ambassadors benefit from extensive experience and knowledge of ceramic implants.

Tolomeo BOIOLI
Tolomeo BOIOLIAmbassador for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
– CES and graduated of Periodontology and Implantology – Master of Science in Biomaterials – Former Teaching Assistant Paris VI – Pitié Salpêtrière – Laureate of the French Academy of Dental Surgery – Scientific President of the Implant Oral Club Luxembourg – Exclusive exercise in Periodontology and Implantology, including ceramics since 2009.
Pascal EPPE
Pascal EPPEAmbassador For Belgium
– Practice focused exclusively on ceramic implantology – Passionate about Biocompatibility in Implantology – Graduated in micro-nutrition. Minimally Invasive Surgery – Practitioner of ceramic implantology since 2009
Curd BOLLENAmbassador for the Netherlands and UK
– Professor at the College of Medicine & Dentistry, Birmingham (UK) – EFP-recognised (EU) periodontist & NVOI-recognised (NL) implantologist – International speaker & author of >35 international publications – Practitioner of ceramic implant dentistry since 2004
Marcel WAINWRIGHT Ambassador for Germany
– International speaker and KOL for numerous dental companies (Zeramex, Acteon, Regedent) – Professor for Ultrasonic Surgery at University of Seville, Dep. for Oral Surgery since 2009 – Implantologist since 1996 (certified), specialized on ceramic implants since 2010 – Dental surgeon at Dentalspirit, Zürich, Switzerland
Jochen MELLINGHOFFAmbassador for Germany
– In practice in Ulm since 1986 – 1990 to the present, free-lance lecturing in prevention, practice management, media management and documentation for dentists and doctors – Lectures and courses in implantology with live operations
Agata CZOPORAmbassador for Poland
– Passionate about biological dentistry and functional medicine – Currently becoming Master of Ceramic Implantology – Therapeutic approach based on mini-invasive and regenerative dentistry – Member of IAOMT- International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
Norbert CIONCA
Norbert CIONCAAmbassador for Switzerland
– lecturer in the Division of Periodontology and Oral Physiopathology at the University of Geneva School of Dental Medicine – Swiss Federal diploma in dentistry (D.D.S) – Doctorate in dentistry (Dr. med. dent.) – Privat Docent (PD) in dentistry – Swiss board-certified periodontist – Consultant at Geneva School of Hygienist – Member of Swiss Society of Periodontology (SSP) – Member of International Association for Dental Research (IADR)

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