Philippe DUCHATELARD, founding member of EACimDr Philippe DUCHATELARD – France

  • Dental surgeon practitioner « material conscious »
  • Clinical activity mainly perio-implantology
  • University studies : fondamental materials and supplies
  • Practitioner of ceramic implantology since 2006



Lecture Abstract :

The use of ceramics in oral implantology is almost contemporary to titanium, a reference material.

The synthesis of the Yttria Tetragonal  stabiliZed Zirconia (Y-TZP) with reproductible industrial manufacturing processes has allowed for the development on the market of non-metallic monobloc dental implants and then one part (Tissue Level) and recently two parts (Bone Level) that are safe and clinically validated.
If the raw material differs little, the production processes, pressed, sintering temperature, type of stabilizers influence the finished product.
It is particularly the specific three-dimensional crystalline structure of the tetragonal Y-TZP that gives this material its mechanical characteristics of tenacity, resistance to crack propagation, resilience, shock resistance, elevated and are the Achilles heel of ceramics.
We will develop measurement tests and value scales that link these properties to the clinic in implementation and differentiating choices from the proposed systems.