The EACim Scientific Committee members

Fabrice BAUDOT
Fabrice BAUDOTScientific President
– International speaker and author of many publications – Exclusive practice of laser micro-surgery – Therapeutic approach based on mini-invasive surgery – Practitioner of ceramic implantology since 2013
João CARAMÊSScientific Member
– Full Professor, Dean of the Lisbon University School of Dental Medicine and Chairman of the Oral Surgery and Implant Department – founder and Director of the Implantology Institute in Lisbon – Principal Investigator on Dental Implants and Bone Physiology at the Oral and Biomedical Research Unit of the Lisbon University School of Dental Medicine (UICOB/FMDUL) – The main focus of this research is the surgical and Prosthetic use of zirconia
Tolomeo BOIOLI
Tolomeo BOIOLIScientific Member
– CES and graduated of Periodontology and Implantology – Master of Science in Biomaterials – Former Teaching Assistant Paris VI – Pitié Salpêtrière – Laureate of the French Academy of Dental Surgery – Scientific President of the Implant Oral Club Luxembourg – Exclusive exercise in Periodontology and Implantology, including ceramics since 2009.
Amandine PARA
Amandine PARAScientific Member
– Former intern in Odontology and Former university hospital assistant (prosthesis department, Paris 7) – DU Surgical and Prosthetic Implantology – DU in Clinical Implant Prosthesis – European DU in Laser Techniques in Odontology – Lecturer at the DU Implantology (St Joseph) – Vice-President of the IMLA (International Medical Laser Association) – Director of the Study Club ITI Paris – Responsible for the laser training cycle of the SOP – Private practice limited to implantology and periodontology
Norbert CIONCA
Norbert CIONCAScientific Member
– lecturer in the Division of Periodontology and Oral Physiopathology at the University of Geneva School of Dental Medicine – Swiss Federal diploma in dentistry (D.D.S) – Doctorate in dentistry (Dr. med. dent.) – Privat Docent (PD) in dentistry – Swiss board-certified periodontist – Consultant at Geneva School of Hygienist – Member of Swiss Society of Periodontology (SSP) – Member of International Association for Dental Research (IADR)
Sofia KARAPATAKIScientific Member
– Graduated in 1989 (Dental University of Athens) – Specialization in Periodontology-Implantology at the Institute for Postgraduate Dental Education in Jönköping (Sweden) – Sub-specializations in Oral Surgery, Radiology, TMJ, Prosthetics on implants, Perio-prosthetics and Medical Pathology – Master of Science, Gothenburg (Sweden) – Specialization in Prosthetic rehabilitation of facial defects on implants – Training in PRGF (Spain), Cosmetic Dentistry (Germany) – Member of International Association for Dental Research (IADR) – Lecturer of Periimplantitis, Pure Dentistry, Intolerance-Implication of the immune system, Individual approach of the patient, Zirconia Implants

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