Dr Alexander Volkmann (Germany)

Dr. Volkmann studied dental medicine at the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, Germany from 2000-2005.

After graduation, he started a training program as assistant doctor in a dental practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery and focused on dental implantology and 3D diagnostics while he became a specialist dentist for oral surgery in 2010. Since then, he has been running his own full-scope practice for oral and maxillofacial surgery called Facelook Concept.

He is member of the executive Board of MVZI (DGI) and member of the following associations: BDO, MVZI, DGI, DGZMK, FvdZ, PEERS. Since 2007, he had been regularly giving lectures at congresses for education in implant dentistry, training both nationally and internationally.


Lecture Abstract:

Because of its tooth-like color, structure, material properties and biological response modern Zirconia got quite suitable for dental implants once the classic titanium implant will not be accepted or denied by the patient. Additionally, human studies indicate minimized adhesion of bacteria to zirconia compared with titanium. Also it exhibits fewer inflammatory cells within the peri-implant soft tissue.

On the one hand we have the issue of material, like better chemical characteristics but also worse physical habits. On the other hand we have to deal with mental issues of the patient. Therefore we find different motivation to use zirconia implants. Hence using zirconia implants opens a new field of patients for reconstruction denture on implants.

As a clinic for maxillo-facial surgery we need to give precise and reliable outcomes for the prosthodontics colleagues, therefore we need save concepts.

The lecture will show the speakers personal experience, way and evolution of the last 8 years using zirconia implants. Working with ceramic implants certainly gives us a smaller corridor of indications. Nevertheless since screw retained reversible prosthetics solutions are at the marked (two piece design), we are able to solve even full mouth restorations. As long as we stay in the right corridor, it can be a fine alternative for titanium implants.


Excerpt from Dr Alexander Volkmann’s lecture at EACIM:

Clinical case :