EACim Webinar “Zirconia implant, a preventive strategy for peri-implantitis” by Drs Baudot & Duchatelard (february 2021)


Philippe DUCHATELARD, founding member of EACim
Fabrice BAUDOT, founding member of EACim

A topic on peri-implantitis, why? We must admit that the level of prevalence of this disease has made the profession aware of a hazard that must be taken into account in clinical choices. Understanding the pathophysiology of this disease allows us to develop prevention and effective treatment modalities. In this webinar, we will discuss one of the possible clinical choices, that of zirconium ceramics as an implantable material, the only non-metallic alternative to titanium and its alloys for dental implants with mechanical validation and clinical hindsight for this use and which could be one of the answers to this problem.