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Training in Biocompatible Implantology – CIPE 2022

Two Days Training “Zirconia implant: an alternative to Titanium” – feb. 24-25, 2022

by Dr. Giancarlo Bianca (Founding member & President of EACim) and Dr. Stéphane PERRIN (Partnership Manager of EACim)

CIPE (Centre d’implantologie et de parodontologie Exclusif  / Exclusive Implantology and Periodontology Center)


Titanium implants have experienced a tremendous technological acceleration in recent years. Innovation has occurred in surface finishes, design, implant connections and immediate protocols. In addition, the advent of digital technology in Cad/Cam zirconia prosthetics and guided surgery has allowed us to treat our patients more quickly, with a better aesthetic result. However, the prevalence of peri-implantitis (PI) around titanium implants should be a daily clinical concern due to the high incidence of PI. Recent studies report the presence of titanium particles around implants with PI compared to a healthy peri-implant environment. This is a topic that occupies most of our congresses and raises the question of the long-term reliability of our implant treatments.

The qualities of zirconium ceramics as a prosthetic restorative material show us on a daily basis an extremely low bacterial colonisation, and soft tissues which are then a barrier to the underlying infection. Zirconium is a metal which when oxidised becomes a ceramic, zirconium oxide. This loses all the properties of a metal, thermal and electrical conductivity, which contributes greatly to its high biocompatibility with periodontal cells.

Zirconia implants can be a real alternative to titanium for our patients, especially those with allergies, autoimmune diseases, periodontal risk factors and metal intolerance. We also have to take into account the current trend in dentistry towards non-metallic restorations, and the aesthetic aspect of our restorations in the long term. The absence of oxidation reaction around zirconia implants and the reduction of bacterial plaque are real assets for their long term stability in the oral sphere. With 20 years of hindsight, the latest generations of one-piece and now two-piece zirconia implants offer mechanical and biological qualities closer to the natural root. The objective of my presentation will be to share my 14 years of experience.


  • Learn to ask the indication of zirconia implants depending on the state of health of your patients.
  • Controlling the surgical break and the implant prosthesis to achieve your implant rehabilitation “FREE metal”.
  • Enrich your therapeutic proposition with ceramic implants.


  • Eligible audience: Beginner practitioner or confirmed in implantology
  • Number of participants: 12
  • Duration: two days from 8:30 to 18:30
  • Technology used: planning software, piezochirgery
  • Compatible bio solutions used: L-PRF, ROG / Phytotherapy in implantology by Dr Stéphanie GOUIRAN
  • Pedagogical modalities: theoretical course, live surgery and TP on educational models (surgery and prosthesis).
  • After training: free access to live surgery videos, reference literature is at the exchange forum on our site.



Price : 1,800 € (lunch and evening dinner included)

CONTACT :     leave a  SMS message  at  06 14 08 50 00    or by email :      cipe.prado@orange.fr


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