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Sinus-lift, Intra-lift and Zirconia Implants by Prof. Dr Marcel Wainwright

on January 20, 2021 at 8 p.m.

moderated by Dr Pascal Valentini

“In his lecture, Dr. Wainwright will talk about the gentle and minimally invasive method of sinus elevation and the use of ceramic implants. Both contents are explained using clinical examples and scientific principles”.


About Prof. Dr Marcel Wainwright. EACim Ambassador for Germany

Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright was born in 1969, graduated 1994 at the Elite University of Aachen (Germany) where he received his doctor´s degree with summa cum laude 1996. He was working in leading associated practices in Germany for more than 19 years and opened in January 2016 in Stockholm (Sweden) the Mirala Clinic. He is Co-inventor of the Intralift, the Ultrasonic based crestal minimal invasive sinus augmentation and several instruments and techniques based on ultrasonic surgery and is part of the TKW research group (Troedhan, Kurrek, Wainwright).

Prof. Wainwright published more than 60 articles and scientific papers, contributed his work to published books and was part of the dental olympic team 2008 in Beijing and 2012 in London. Prof. Wainwright is an international referent and a worldwide acting speaker for implantology, ultrasonic surgery and esthetic dentistry. 2013 he was elected by the German Minister of Health to represent Germany on the German Dental Week in Shenzhen, China. Prof. Wainwright is owner of the Ukrainian Gold Medal of Honor from the Society for Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology.


  • Minimal invasive oral bone augmentation techniques and implantology with ultrasonic surgery
  • Biological Dentistry, Zirconia implants
  • Full Face rehabs with dentistry, BTX and Fillers
  • High esthetic metalfree full mouth rehabs
  • Prep and Non Prep Veneers
  • Navigated oral surgery and implantology
  • Oral soft tissue microsurgery

About intralift technique

Intralift is a hydrodynamic ultrasound sinus lift based on small oscillating high frequency instruments, that is used to make room for the placement of inserts. Instead of using large incisions and preparing large “windows” in the side sinus wall Intralift only requires a small incision. Intralift therefore means minimal invasive surgery with very little or no pain. Intralift was invented by the TKW-research group, of which Marcel was one of the founders. Since 2006, 25, 000 Intralifts have been carried out worldwide with very successful results.

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