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Training “Zirconia implant: an alternative to Titanium” by Dr. G. Bianca on October 16, 2022 – University of Corsica (France)

This specialization training for dental surgeon clinicians allows practitioners to acquire the theoretical, practical and clinical knowledge in Zirconia ceramic implantology, a new alternative to the use Titanium metallic implants.

The EACim Academy has been selected to teach its expertise in ceramic implantology within the curriculum course of the University Program of Oral Implantology (D.U I.O.), delivered by the University of Technology of Corsica.

Lecture given by Dr. Giancarlo Bianca (Founding member and President of EACim)


  • first session : October 14
  • course “zirconia implants: alternative to titanium” :  October 16, 2022

Zirconia implants : an alternative to titanium : G. BIANCA

  • History of ceramic implant
  • Mechanical properties of Zirconia
  • Benefits of zirconia implants
  • Monobloc and two-piece implants
  • Clinical data, bibliography and long-term follow-up
  • Immunology and biocompatibility of zirconia
  • Placement protocols and clinical aspects.
  • Prosthesis on zirconia implants.

Lectures by Dr Giancarlo BIANCA

  • xxxxxxx 2022 (2-4pm): Basic Principles of Implant Surgery – G. Bianca /O. Henry Savajol
  • xxxxxxx 2022  (2pm to 6pm): immediate loading – G. Bianca / O. Henry Savajol
  • xxxxxxx 2022 (9am to 6pm): surgical planning and Guide surgery – G. Bianca / O. Henry Savajol
  • xxxxxxx 2022 Clinical Session Hands-On with 3D Surgical Planning – G. Bianca / O. Henry Savajol
  • xxxxxx 2023 (4pm to 6pm): Alternatives to the autologous graft: Osteotomies , GBR – G. Bianca
  • xxxxxx 2023 (9 am to 6pm): Clinical Session Hands-On with Zirconia implants – G.Bianca
  • xxxxxx 2023 (9 am to 6pm): Clinical Session Hands-On Bone graft augmentation with Piezosurgery – G.Bianca

University Degree in Oral Implantology (D.U I.O.) from Corsica University

This diploma degree takes place during two years. This training allows you to obtain a University Diploma Bac +5 – postdoctoral degree in dental surgery.


This teaching organized by the Faculty of Sciences of Corsica University within the IUS, is intended to perfect the training of practitioners who have already acquired basic knowledge and have a clinical experience in implantology.

The main purpose of this mainly clinical-oriented teaching, is to train students to make a diagnosis and establish a treatment plan.

Eligible audience

Are admitted to follow this program, after decision of the Educational Committee , the holders of a Doctorate in Dental Surgery or equivalent foreign diploma, the holders of a DentalSurgeon diploma or equivalent foreign diploma, the holders of an Oral Surgeon diploma or foreign equivalent diploma. Candidates must also provide: a detailed curriculum vitae, a motivation letter, a justification for a basic theoretical training in implantology, a proof of professional experience of at least 5 years.

Educational organization

1st year-Theoretical teaching (163 h):

  • Applied anatomy and anesthesia techniques 7h,
  • X-Ray analysis 4h,Training "implants in zirconia: an alternative to titanium" May 29, 2019 at the University of Corsica (France)
  • Organization and biology of bone tissue 3h,
  • Host / implant interface 2h,
  • Sterilization and asepsis techniques 4h,
  • Communication with the patient 3h,
  • Surgical and prosthetic principles 3h,
  • Bone reconstruction 8h,
  • Soft tissue management 3h,
  • Periodontology and implantology 6h,
  • The provisional prosthesis 3h,
  • Prosthesis design 8h,
  • Occlusion 3h,Training "implants in zirconia: an alternative to titanium" May 29, 2019 at the University of Corsica (France)
  • Criteria for selecting the right implant 3h,
  • Risk factors 3h,
  • Advanced surgical techniques 4h,
  • Treatment plan strategy 7h,
  • Treatment of borderline cases 7h,
  • Bone morphogenetic proteins 2h,
  • Forensic issues 2h,
  • Dissection on cadavers 8h,
  • Clinical case analysis 40h,
  • Single missing tooth in the Aesthetic Zone 20h.
2nd year-Clinical teaching (160h) and thesis (160 h):

Inter Communal Hospital of Corte-Tattone: consultations, staffs, interventions on patients, review of literature.

  • Program Manager: MCF Julien Paolini
  • Scientific Coordinators: University of Corsica: Dr. David ABENSUR and Dr. Pascal VALENTINI

Training Location: Corte – Tattone

Information and registration

CONTACT :  Mrs Céline RASSAT   –   –    rassat@univ-corse.fr


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