6th Annual Meeting of ISMI (International Society of Metal Free Implantology) in Berlin

Originally scheduled for May 2020 and postponed to a later date. 

: ISMI – International Society of Metal Free Implantology Ceramic implants are enjoying great popularity today. In the medium term, a total market share of approximately 5% is expected. Patient demand for metal-free implant restorations is increasing due to their many advantages, other than from an aesthetic point of view. The industry is working to further optimize ceramic implants, both in terms of material characteristics and design, to bring them up to the same level as their titanium counterparts.

At the same time, numerous studies are being carried out, complementing the data available on ceramic implants. On the basis of these developments, we can look to the future and will continue to define state-of-the-art ceramic implantology through international professional exchanges.

This is in line with the theme of the sixth ISMI Annual Meeting, which will be held on 8 and 9 May 2020 at the Steigenberger Am Kanzler Hotel in Berlin and to which ISMI and EACim would like to extend a warm invitation.

It is important to mention the active participation of the IAOCI and the EACim in this congress.

During the two days of the congress, the program will cover practical experiences and current trends in the use of ceramic implants as well as biological aspects of metal-free implantology. The aim will once again be to set new standards in this particularly innovative field of oral implantology and to move forward together.

The EACim will be represented by two speakers:
Dr Pascal Eppe and Dr Jochen Mellinghoff.

Dr Pascal Eppe/Etalle (BE)
Founding Member and Secretary EACim

“The interplay between electromagnetic field (EMF) and dental implants: diagnosis and treatment–why and how to remove titanium implants? “

Dr Jochen Mellinghoff, M.Sc./Ulm (DE)
EACim Ambassador for GERMANY

“New bone level ceramic implants? A report from 18 months of clinical application“


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