Clinical Case report “Patent zirconia implant” by Dr. Harald Fahrenholz


Clinical Case report "Patent zirconia implant" by Dr. Harald Fahrenholz (Austria) Curriculum vitae Dr. Harald Fahrenholz was born in Königssee, Bavaria, at 19.11.1949 After his education at the University of Mainz he worked 25 years in his own office in Grünwald near Munich. Later he worked together with Prof. [...]

Removable prosthesis on 4 CERALOG implants by Dr Marc Nacar


Clinical Case "Removable prosthesis on 4 CERALOG implants" by Dr. Marc NacarCase from 2014: This 79-year-old patient, totally edentulous upper and lower, in good health, wishes to improve the stability of her lower total prosthesis following the recent loss due to periodontal disease and type III mobility of the anterior [...]

Full arch reconstruction on 8 ceramic implants by Pr. Curd Bollen


Clinical Case "Full arch reconstruction on 8 ceramic implants" by Pr. Curd Bollen & Dr. Ilian Darcel This case presents a full arch rehabilitation in the upper jaw: 8 zirconia implants with 3 separate porcelain bridges. At the same time 2 ceramic implants were installed in the posterior lower [...]

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