Clinical Case report “Patent zirconia implant” by Dr. Harald Fahrenholz


Clinical Case report "Patent zirconia implant" by Dr. Harald Fahrenholz (Austria) Curriculum vitae Dr. Harald Fahrenholz was born in Königssee, Bavaria, at 19.11.1949 After his education at the University of Mainz he worked 25 years in his own office in Grünwald near Munich. Later he worked together with Prof. [...]

Clinical case of Dr Pascal EPPE : 19-year-old patient with agenesis


"19-year-old patient with agenesis" by Dr. Pascal EPPE 1 - The patient has agenesis of tooth 35 PHOTO 1: Panoramic X-ray of the patient at the age of 15 years, showing the agenesis of the 35.   2 - At the age of 19, milk tooth No. [...]

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