In 2024, EACim will be organizing two major events on the Iberian Peninsula:

The first will take place in Madrid on June 15, 2024. EACim will be hosting its annual seminar, co-organized with SCOI (Sociedad Científica de Odontología Implantológica)

on the theme: Ceramic implants, an alternative to titanium. Where do we stand?
The Academy will be joining forces with SCOI to discuss the evolution of the zirconia implant and its alternative to titanium. The day will include conferences on both zirconia and titanium implants.

The second event is the Scientific Day on October 5, 2024, to be held in Lisbon on the “Battle of concept” between titanium and zirconia implants.

The theme of these modules will be Everyday ceramic implantology. In particular, we’ll be talking about Bio Immune osteointegration in Implantalogy. This day will be offered in collaboration with the Portuguese implant society SOPIO.

Scientific Day EACim October 5, 2024, in Lisbon