The EACim is building an international network of talented zirconia implantologists. While the DNA of our academy was originally French-speaking, this year we are delighted to be able to announce an international course with the appointment of a number of ambassadors who have joined EACim. They will contribute to the development of the EACim by organizing communications and events on ceramic implantology in their home countries.

This ambassadorial function has been given:
– Pr Joao CAMARES for Portugal
– Dr Olivier CHERON for Spain
– Dr Sofia KARAPATAKI for Greece
– Dr Bernard DAHAN for Israel
– Dr Andréa BORGONOVO for Italy
– Dr Laurens WIGGERS for the Netherlands

We are particularly honoured and pleased to have been able to secure the approval of Prof. Joao CAMARES, who is Dean of the Faculty of Implantology at Lisbon University.
He is at the forefront of numerous research projects. With him, we’ll be able to accelerate our scientific approach. We are planning to set up a 2-year multi-center prospective clinical study to evaluate the behavior of zirconia implants in relation to soft tissue.

2024 will not be a year of international congresses, but EACim will not remain inactive. We look forward to seeing you all this year on the Iberian peninsula at a seminar in Madrid on June 15, 2024, organized by our ambassador for Spain, Dr Olivier CHERON, and on October 5, 2024, in Lisbon for a high-level scientific meeting with Pr Joao CAMARES.
Finally, starting in 2024, we are mobilizing all our skills to set up at least 4 training centers (Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Montpellier and Marseille) for our members and our partners’ customers, who will be able to come and receive personalized chairside coaching in the placement of ceramic implants and all peri-implant surgery techniques.

Finally, we would like to pay a heartfelt tribute to Dr Pascal EPPE (Brussels), our General Secretary, who has decided to retire from this very demanding role. He is handing over to Dr Olivier CHERON (Barcelona), who will bring his dynamism and enthusiasm to our Academy.
Dr Pascal EPPE, a founding member from the outset and initiator of the EACim, has devoted all his energy and passion to the cause of ceramic implantology by taking on the role of General Secretary. He is a major pillar of the academy’s development, and the driving force behind the momentum that EACim is gathering today.
He will no longer hold a position on the Board of Directors, but his actions will remain engraved in the history of the EACim. His latest initiative was a great success, for which we would all like to thank him.

Dr Fabrice Baudot
EACim founding member & president of EACim Scientific Committee