“Aesthetic rehabilitation using zirconia implants in the maxillary and mandibular aesthetic areas” – Dr Stéphane Perrin


Clinical Case "Aesthetic rehabilitation using zirconia implants in the maxillary and mandibular aesthetic areas" by Dr. Stéphane PerrinThis patient came to consult at the CIPE on leaving confinement in May 2021.She had had time to document herself ... indeed a few years ago she had developed a delayed type 4 [...]

Clinical Case report “Patent zirconia implant” by Dr. Harald Fahrenholz


Clinical Case report "Patent zirconia implant" by Dr. Harald Fahrenholz (Austria) Curriculum vitae Dr. Harald Fahrenholz was born in Königssee, Bavaria, at 19.11.1949 After his education at the University of Mainz he worked 25 years in his own office in Grünwald near Munich. Later he worked together with Prof. [...]

Removable prosthesis on 4 CERALOG implants by Dr Marc Nacar


Clinical Case "Removable prosthesis on 4 CERALOG implants" by Dr. Marc NacarCase from 2014: This 79-year-old patient, totally edentulous upper and lower, in good health, wishes to improve the stability of her lower total prosthesis following the recent loss due to periodontal disease and type III mobility of the anterior [...]

Full arch reconstruction on 8 ceramic implants by Pr. Curd Bollen


Clinical Case "Full arch reconstruction on 8 ceramic implants" by Pr. Curd Bollen & Dr. Ilian Darcel This case presents a full arch rehabilitation in the upper jaw: 8 zirconia implants with 3 separate porcelain bridges. At the same time 2 ceramic implants were installed in the posterior lower [...]

Clinical case with the new implant “Nobel Pearl” by Dr Simon Tordjman


Clinical Case "Nobel Pearl" by Dr Simon Tordjman Mrs. G. is a 54-year-old patient, edentulous for 4 months. The extraction was carried out on a terminal 26. Note the presence of a cavity making the tooth stump unusable. No filling materials were used on a favorable post-extraction alveolar situation [...]

Immediate placement in the maxillary aesthetic zone by Dr Saurabh Gupta


Immediate placement in the maxillary aesthetic zone Dr Saurabh Gupta, India & Dr Sammy Noumbissi, USA Published in “Ceramic Implants” – international magazine of ceramic implant technology, 1/2018 With the agreement of “CERAMIC IMPLANT” magazine. This particular case report details the immediate replacement procedure of a previously unsuccessfully endodontically [...]

Clinical case of Dr Pascal EPPE : 19-year-old patient with agenesis


"19-year-old patient with agenesis" by Dr. Pascal EPPE 1 - The patient has agenesis of tooth 35 PHOTO 1: Panoramic X-ray of the patient at the age of 15 years, showing the agenesis of the 35.   2 - At the age of 19, milk tooth No. [...]

Replacement of an upper molar by Dr. Stephanie Gouiran


Replacement of an upper molar by Dr. Stephanie Gouiran The patient's request is to treat the edentulous tooth N°16, the implant solution is chosen. Bone surgery was performed to increase bone volume in tooth N°16 sinus elevation by vestibular route The positioning of the implant, by freehand, is faithful to [...]

Guided surgery for 4 “Lock Ball” zirconia implants by Dr. Pascal EPPE


Guided surgery for 4 "Lock Ball" zirconia implants by Dr. Pascal EPPE Clinical case of a 71-year-old patient with chronic pain in the left lower canine with endodontic treatment. Presence of a lower partial prosthesis and an upper complete removable prosthesis. PHOTO 1 : RX panoramic before treatment. The patient [...]

Clinical case of Dr. Jean-Louis ROCHE


Clinical case of Dr. Jean-Louis ROCHE This is a 24-year-old woman who was recently suffering from an important mobility of her two central incisors. The X-Ray examination revealed two terminal root resorptions following orthodontic treatment with excessive forces. It was decided to perform an immediate extraction-implantation of these two teeth. [...]

Clinical case “Full zirconia implants” in Pure Ceram STRAUMANN 2 pieces


Sharing experiences and testimonial of Dr. Fabrice Baudot. Full Zirconia ceramic implants: PURE CERAM STRAUMANN/ 2 piece implant. Rehabilitation of a partially edentulous posterior zone with sinus pneumatization. The Straumann Society has just provided us with two-piece Zirconia implants. We can now benefit from the virtues of Zirconia implants in [...]

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