EACim continues to consolidate and extend its network worldwide

2024 board of directors

At the very beginning of 2024, the EACim is very proud to welcome new ​renowned personalities in the world of ceramic implants on its board of directors.

EACim board of directors in 2024

2024 board of ambassadors

At the same time, with its ambassadors, the EACim is consolidating and extending its network throughout Europe and beyond. Its ambition is to extend its influence internationally, and it is forging links with the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Maghreb. It is in close contact with members of IAOCI in the USA to collaborate on the development of ceramic implantology worldwide.

The arrival of 3 new ambassadors, at the very beginning of 2024, will consolidate our network, particularly in new areas such as the Middle-East and the African continent.

We also are delighted to welcome the arrival of the new ambassador for portugal, Dr Helena FRANCISCO :

The group of EACim ambassadors has grown to bring together today up to 13 in 2024. They all will contribute to the development of the EACim by organizing communications and events on ceramic implantology in their home countries.