The EACim is proud to be able to announce, in cooperation with its partner CAMLOG, a participation in the DENTAL-CAMPUS platform N°1 in e-learning in implant dentistry – founded in 2007 – under the auspices of the University of Zurich.

Thanks to this partnership, a discount rate of -50%
is granted to EACim members
for all reservations before January 15, 2020!

The role of the EACim will be to provide clinical and scientific support for CERALOG ceramic implants in the promotion of ceramic implants.

This will be done through an educational program in the form of virtual and international classroom video-conferencing as part of the “DENTAL-CAMPUS” platform.

Actively participate in this virtual classroom program:

  • Dr Fabrice Baudot (FR), founding member of EACim
  • Drs Laurens Wiggers (NL), active member of EACim
  • Dr Alexander Volkmann (DE), speaker at the EACim Congress in Brussels on 25 April 2020
  • Dr Pascal Valentini (FR), Honorary President of EACim

If you wish to participate in this course and benefit from the 50% discount, you must be a member of the EACim

Before booking my participation, I join the EACim:

I am already an EACim member and I request my reduction codes by email