Une étude bibliographique sur la dissolution des ions atomiques du titane et de ses alliages en dentisterie implantaire. Article rédigé par Dr Sammy Noumbissi , Dr Antonio Scarano et Dr Saurab Gubta. EACim

A literature review study on atomic ions dissolution of Titanium and its alloys in Implant Dentistry.

by Sammy Noumbissi , Dr Antonio Scarano & Dr Saurabh Gupta.

This review of literature paper was done in order to conduct a review of the literature and an assessment of the effects of titanium implant corrosion on peri-implant health and success in the oral environment. This paper evaluates and critically reviews the findings of the multiple in-depth in vivo and in vitro studies that are related to corrosion aspects of the titanium and its alloys. A literature survey was conducted by electronic search in Medline and studies that were published between 1940 and August 2018 were selected.

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