Z-Systems announces the C.E. approval for its worldwide innovation: the Z5-BL Bone Level Implant

After years of research and development, Z-Systems is ready to launch the first fully-screwed two-piece ceramic implant.

Z-Systems’ new ceramic screw offers practitioners a two-piece, 100% ceramic, metal-free implant that is unique in the world.

This new screw connection is based on a conical design with an internal thread retaining the abutment through a screw, ensuring a connection with no micro-space ?

The implant shape is based on the company’s tissue-level implants, which, with nearly 60,000 units sold, have provided unparalleled results in terms of osseointegration and stability.

The platform switch reduces the load on the crestal bone. Like all Z-Systems implants, the new Z5-BL implant features the company’s exclusive proven and patented SLM® surface.