Our partner Bredent Medical has just launched its new implant “White Sky Tissue Line”.
We asked two EACim clinical experts for their first impressions on the use of this new implant. You will find the testimonies of Dr Andrea Borgonovo and Dr Claude Gallizia.


Testimonial by Dr. Andrea Borgonovo, speaker at our next congress 2021

“The specific flat platform and concave shoulder design of the new whiteSKY Tissue Line implant can greatly assist clinicians in improving the stability of the prosthesis on soft tissue.”

Dr. Andrea Borgonovo will present a lecture at the next EACim Congress on the topic “Use of ceramic dental implants in oral rehabilitation: clinical and experimental results with a 14-year follow-up”.



Testimonial of Dr Claude Gallizia

“I have been a user of ZIRCONE implants for more than ten years for several reasons: In addition to the obvious advantages of using this totally biocompatible material, thanks to which I have not encountered any problems with peri-implantitis, the use of ONE PIECE Zirconia implants has allowed me to opt for simplicity by eliminating the need for prosthetic fittings: With the new WhiteSKY Tissue Line implants I have a good feeling when screwing in the implants because they have optimal primary stability. Thanks to the optimized abutment height of the new implants, the customization process is much easier and faster! I also like the new design of the implant holder integrated in the packaging: easy handling and very attractive! An overall successful implant system that allows me to perform complete reconstructions on 4 or 6 implants as shown in the attached clinical photos. ”