Straumann has just provided two-piece ? full zirconia implants available in two parts. We can now :

  • benefit from the virtues of zirconia implants in terms of biological and immune qualities with respect to peri-implant tissues
  • keep our prosthetic references with the use of prosthetic connection abutments.

For a defector like me coming from pure titanium implantology, this approach is a real breakthrough compared to what proposed the pioneers of ceramic implantology. The CAMLOG company also proposed a similar system with the CERALOG with which I treated a few cases.

The PURE CERAM “2 PIECE” implant is only proposed in the “Tissue Level” version logically meeting the requirements of modern implantology in the prevention of peri-implantitis.

The combination of the ceramic material and the design of the “Tissue Level” implant is, in my opinion, a considerable asset for the prevention of peri-implantitis. This type of implant is in my opinion the implant of the future.

STRAUMANN has designed a very high-quality product. The implant is delivered with an implant holder which is easy to handle during placement. It should be noted that the CAMLOG Company offers along with the CERALOG, a “2-piece” implant which is also “Tissue Level”, and the Peek cover screw is included.

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Testimonial of Dr. Fabrice Baudot.