NovoMatrixTM is an acellular dermal matrix produced from porcine dermis.

Used in surgery, the tear-resistant and easy-to-use matrix is a very good alternative to autologous connective tissue grafting (CTG).
It avoids the need for intraoral surgical removal, thus reducing patient morbidity.

Because of its manufacturing process, the matrix does not contain donor cells. In addition, the structure of the original tissue remains virtually unchanged, which contributes to the growth of cells and micro-vessels. Thanks to the gentle conditioning, the exclusive tissue processing allows for optimal cell repopulation and revascularization, which offers aesthetic tissue regeneratio

Novomatrix is optimal for the following indications:

  • Augmentation of attached tissue around teeth and implants
  • Reconstruction of the alveolar ridge for prosthetic restoration
  • Guided tissue regeneration in recession defects for root canal coverage