Something New About Soft Tissue Healing Modes

New study by Dong-Joon Lee and his team on the healing modes of soft tissues according to the types of materials used.

This study by Lee and collaborators compares the modes of healing of soft tissues by measuring the epithelium, connective tissue ratios around three types of material compared to the natural tooth: machined titanium, titanium covered with a deposit of hydroxyapatite and zirconia.

These ratios show the analogy between ceramic surfaces and the natural tooth with a preponderance of connective tissue at more than 60% for these three situations compared with at least 40% on titanium.

This result is an element to understand the more favorable biological response of the peri-implant mucosa on zirconia compared to titanium with the decrease in the depth of the mucco-implant furrow.

This dimensional analysis is supported by the differential expression of lamin-322 in the peri-implant mucosa of zirconia implants which appears to regulate the lengthening of the peri-implant epithelium by optimizing it to a minimum.


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