E-posters presented at the AO annual meeting, San Diego 2022

Two-Piece Zirconia Implants on Posterior Regions: A Prospective Cohort Study With a Follow-up Period of Nine Years

Nicole Jasmin Rauch, Giulia Brunello, Kathrin Becker, Frank Schwartz, Gordon John, Jürgen Becker

In this prospective study, Patent™ two-piece zirconia implants were placed in the posterior region in 52 patients. The group reported an implant survival rate of 94,1 % after 9 years (1 implant lost between the 2-year and the 9-year follow up). No implant fractures were reported. PPD, BoP and PI remained unchanged between the 2-year and 9-year follow-up. BoP was only 13%. Stable tissue levels were report (MR > 1 mm for all implants).

Early Bone Formation Around Immediately Placed Two-piece Tissue-level Zirconia Implants with a Modified Surface. An Experimental Study in the Miniature Pig Mandible.

Roland Glauser, Peter Schüpbach

Patent™ two-piece zirconia implants were immediately placed in extraction sockets of mini-pigs and left for transmucosal healing. A Bone-to-Implant Contact, BIC, of over 70% was reported after four weeks (Titanium control 52%). Complete osseointegration was maintained after 8 weeks. The four weeks BIC results are the highest ever reported for zirconia implants in a similar animal model. The results indicate a fast and predictable osseointegration of the immediately placed Patent™ zirconia implants. The Patent™ zirconia implants can be classified as highly osteoconductive.